We are still collecting feedback on Wiko devices, so the following may not be a exhaustive list of issues. Wiko devices are however definitely problematic in terms of non-standard background process optimizations and adjustments to the settings that need to be done to make apps work properly.

Solution for users

  • Go to Phone Assistant / Manager > Battery > turn off Eco Mode.

  • Go back and go to Manual mode

  • Tap on the Gear icon on top right > Background apps whitelist > Now select Your app

1. Start Phone assist
and tap Tap Power Saver
2. Turn Eco. Mode OFF
and tap "Optimized mode"
3. Disable "Optimized mode"
, or make sure your app is not optimized
4. Go to "Advanced settings"
5. Get to the
background process whitelist
6. Make sure your app
is on the list


Go to dialer and put the code *#*#86569726#*#* and uncheck Lowram Enable And Background enable.
Note: This needs to be done again after reboot.

Solution for devs

So far, no workarounds on the dev side are known.


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