Traditionally Huawei and their Android customization called EMUI belongs to the most troubled on the market with respect to non-standard background process limitations. There are no APIs and no documentation for those extensions. In default settings background processing simply does not work right and apps working in background will break.

In some of the EMUI versions (we know about EMUI 4 at and we have some reports about EMUI 5 too) no user accessible settings can prevent the system to break background processing longer than 60 minutes. This is done by an evil custom service called HwPFWService developed and bundled with EMUI by Huawei.

Solution for users


EMUI 6+ devices (and some EMUI 5 devices)

  • Phone settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager > Power plan is set to Performance
  • Phone Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps – check for your app as Protected
  • Phone Settings > Apps > Your app > Battery > Power-intensive prompt [x] and Keep running after screen off [x]
  • Phone settings > Apps > Advanced (At the bottom) > Ignore optimisations > Press Allowed > All apps > Find your app on the list and set to Allow

Huawei P9 Plus

  • Phone settings > Apps > Settings > Special access > Ignore battery optimisation > select allow for your app.

Huawei P20

  • Phone settings > Battery > App launch and then set your app to “Manage manually” and make sure everything is turned on.

Huawei Honor 9 Lite, Huawei Mate 9 Pro

  • Phone settings > Battery > Launch and then set your app to “Manage manually” and make sure everything is turned on. On EMUI 4 there is no way out, sorry, but you can ask developers of your apps to implement the workaround described in Developer section

Solution for devs


On EMUI 4 Huawei implemented an evil service called HwPFWService. In your adb logcat you can see message like:

[ 05-25 18:10:17.167 4230:16683 D/PFW.HwPFWAppWakeLockPolicy ] getUidWakeLock uid: 10185 wakelock >= 10 mins

[ 05-25 18:10:17.249 4230:16683 W/PFW.HwPFWAppWakeLockPolicy ] uid: 10185 wakelock > 60 mins

[ 05-25 18:10:17.249 4230:16683 D/PFW.HwPFWAppWakeLockPolicy ] force stop abnormal wakelock app uid: 10185

The good news is that in order to not kill itself or others Huawei/Honor’s services, before killing an app, hwPfwService looks at the tag of the wakelock and if the tag is one the hard-coded whitelisted tags, it does not kill the app. The whitelisted wakelock tags are: “AudioMix”, “AudioIn”, “AudioDup”, “AudioDirectOut”, “AudioOffload” and “LocationManagerService”.

Here is how you can workaround this in code:

String tag = YOUR_TAG;

if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT == Build.VERSION_CODES.M && Build.MANUFACTURER.equals("Huawei") { tag = "LocationManagerService" }

((PowerManager) getSystemService("power")).newWakeLock(1, tag);


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