System restrictions on Blackview phones have not been fully discovered yet. If you have any additional information, please let us know.
The guide we have is confirmed for BV6300Pro (Android 10).

Solution for users

Battery optimization

1. System settings -> Apps & Notifications.
2. Choose Your app -> Advanced settings.
3. Battery.
4. Battery optimization.
5. Expand the list to All applications.
6. Set Your app to Don't optimize.

Lock in Recent apps

This point is not confirmed to be helpful, but it was suggested by the technical support and also in some internet discussions.

1. Go to Overview (Recent apps menu)
-> tap the Screwdriver and Wrench icon.
2. Lock your app in the White List.


You can either whitelist Your app from the DuraSpeed, or disable it completely.

1. Settings -> Smart Assist.
2. DuraSpeed.
3. Here you have two options: 1. Enable Your app 2. Disable DuraSpeed for all apps.


1. Run application Basic Service.
2. App Manager.
3. App auto start.
4. Enable Your app.

Power saver

1. Run application Basic Service.
2. Settings (top right corner).
3. Disable Intelligent power saving in sleep mode.

Auto Clean-up

This optimization was actually confirmed by Blackview support (for BV9200 running Android 12). This feature is present in System Manager app (there is a separate app, not the regular Android Settings!).

1. Select Auto cleanup.
2. Find your app and enable on the protected list.

Solution for devs

No developer solution at the moment


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